Purpose of Point Break

The purpose of Point Break is to improve the behaviors, values and attitudes of high school students on their campuses and in their communities, intervening before acts of bullying, hatred or violence occur. As a result, better learning environments are created, relationships are forged and reconciliation begins. Students, who before the workshop bullied others, often feel a sense of empathy towards their fellow students and the desire to stop their bullying behavior after experiencing Point Break.

Serving students throughout the United States for more than sixty years, Campus Life seeks to encourage character, confidence and responsibility in the lives of adolescents. Today, with higher educational standards, busier personal schedules and social issues such as harassment, prejudice, bullying, and suicide, Campus Life has developed Point Break Workshops to help schools respond to these issues.

Point Break creates an atmosphere of honest communication in which students and faculty work together. Participants move through a variety of high-energy games, small group discussions, encouraging teaching segments and poignant moments of personal reflection, all of which call for honest introspection. Through this process, students who have been silent in the past find opportunity to share and trust their peers.

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